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One of the performing arts darfi many options that you can see in Sumedang is Art reaction. This art combines several types of traditional arts, such as reog, Angklung, martial drums, dance, and masks. Art is usually played by adults.
That said, Art reactionary born around the 12th century at which time King Kiansantang, son of King Siliwangi, intends to spread Islam in Java, especially West Java. In Islam, every man is obligatory for circumcision (circumcision). However, the implementation of the circumcision for these children have problems because the child always feels scared to circumcision. Therefore, the elders in Sumedang thinking how to keep children who are not afraid to be in circumcision, it was created a type of art called "Art reactionary". The most principle of this show is the crowd or kemeriahannya so many people watching, especially children. Therefore, combining several types of art have an influence that art show this reaction is more festive. Because inhalational and bustle and cheers from the players and spectators that the art is called "The Art of reaction" is derived from inhaled and bustle, or cheers a roar tetabuhan in Sundanese ie "susurakan or eak-eakan".
Minimal amount of players who have to support this reactionary art show about 20 people or more would be better. Each player has a function based on the art equipment used in the art of this reaction, which is 4 tool holders reog, 4 drums on Disabled holders, 10 holders Angklung, two masked dancers, and six dancers. Meanwhile, tools or waditra used by players include dogdog wood and leather, Angklung bamboo, wood and leather drum, Gong iron or bronze, wood and shell trumpets, and cardboard and cloth masks. A blend that is rich in traditional Sundanese music.
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