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"This feature Anu Hade Faith" is a phrase that is very noble, which literally means "a trait of good faith". Cimande always stressed to all its citizens to have a confidence and good qualities, both in relation to the gods, humans and the environment. Maybe it was one of the moral message to be conveyed by Indigenous Cimande who generally live in her religious values ​​are strong. If today many people are flocking to enjoy the beauty and coolness of the air peak, it's good now we need a little glance at the neighboring regions Cimande. Cimande is an area where indigenous people still hold strong local culture and wisdom of their ancestral heritage.
In one village here, the Village Tarikolot, there is a place of traditional treatment of fractures. Many people who experience a fracture treatment here. There, nearly 60 people clever sort out hereditary.
Some of the potential possessed by Cimande as the capital of tourism development of special interests include public history Cimande, ceremonies (reception, bathing heirlooms, etc.), rituals (Ngabungbang, pilgrimage tomb), heritage objects such as weapons- disarmament, inscriptions, household appliances, musical instruments, the shrine and the result of ideas and ideas such as books, etc., martial arts traditional arts, medicine and traditional medicine Cimande, hermitage and other historic places, system of social organization, documentation of history as the history books ancestors journey of life, songs, pictures, etc., historic sites such as the shrine is used as a place of pilgrimage, custom hermitage, place of meditation or bertafaqur, etc., the embodiment in everyday life Taleq Cimande -day in the midst of indigenous Cimande.

Location: District of Bogor Regency Caringin
Coordinates: 6 42 '24 "S, 106 50' 42" E
Directions: from Jakarta, after leaving the toll could Ciawi Sukabumi by road, past the district and came to the District Cijeruk Caringin
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