Bododgol Education Tour

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Tourist attraction that was inaugurated on December 12, 1998 is also known as the Nature Conservation Education Centre. Here you can see various species of flora and fauna through the canopy bridge that crosses the tops of trees. In this forest you will also get a panoramic view with the texture of the cliffs and the valley is very beautiful. In addition, you can also use various other means of support for travel adventures in the forest area.
For those of you who want to do a camping tour activities, is available adjacent to the campground entrance Bodogol which is about 300 m. Location Bodogol can be reached about one half hour from Jakarta via Bogor Sukabumi through the door towards the Lido.
Directions: approximately one half hour from Jakarta via Bogor to Sukabumi direction through the doors of Mount Gede National Lido Pangrango
Facilities: camping ground
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