situ Bagendit

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Situ Bagendit is a lake that is surrounded by natural areas that are still surrounded by rice paddies and village residents with the background of the beautiful mountain scenery. According to the story surrounding communities, Situ Bagendit comes from a legend that tells of a troupe Ronggeng Baged and Nyi Endit the sink, which then by the surrounding community, it is called Situ Bagendit.
Many tourist activities that can be done in Situ Bagendit this area, such as: sailing ketengah situ by using a bamboo raft, play water bike, canoe, fishing, jet skiing and other water activities. Every year, Garut district government held a festival Bagendit containing display various arts areas such as Lais, Debus, Hadro and race various tourist activities in the water as efforts to attract tourists coming to this area.
Situ Bagendit tourist area is ideal for those of you who are planning a vacation with family. The atmosphere there is beautiful scenery, a variety of public facilities completeness and easiness travel service makes this place is very suitable for your travel with beloved family.

Location: District Banyuresmi, Garut
Coordinates: 7 ° 9'42 "S 107 ° 56'37" E
Directions: 13 km from Garut city center with a distance of about 30 minutes.
Facilities: Public facilities in tourist activism can we meet in this area gazebo-gazebo as a place to eat and drink, children's playground, toilets, mosque and parking lots.
Opening Hours:
More Information: Department of Tourism and Culture Garut


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