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Perhaps the term horse Renggong already familiar to your ears, but not many know the history or philosophy. Renggong said in Horse Renggong a metathesis of the word ronggeng kamonesan (skills) how to run a horse who has been trained to dance to the music, especially drums. There are two categories of horse shows Renggong, namely as a riding horse in the procession procession ¬ Renggong Horse circumcision and child on display at certain times as great memorial day, receiving guests of honor, or festival.
For the circumcision ceremony, Horse Renggong dipagelarkan day before the implementation of circumcise. After the child completed a special ceremony circumcision and given a prayer, then by dressing puppet figures Ghatotkacha (specifically children of male circumcision), the child is raised upward circumcision Horse Renggong, and then paraded around the village. When the child is derived from horse Renggong circumcision, usually followed by the event saweran (sprinkled coins and white rice). Sawer this event, the event is eagerly awaited, especially by children ¬ village children.
In contrast to the performances on the circumcision ceremony, the participants Renggong Horse festival, usually collected in the area of ​​early departure, the front office of Regent of the highway. They came from the village or district representatives ¬ se-Sumedang District. Before the festival began, participants were removed one by one around the route which has been determined by the committee. While observers are acting as the jury prepared to assess the points of a particular path to be traversed entourage.
From some of the show performed, seen the creativity of each group, such as the addition amount Renggong Horse (an average of two or even four). In addition, there is also the addition of horse accessories, namely with red sequins and golden umbrellas greatness, dance accompanist was laid out nicely, while the musical accompaniment Kendang Pencak varied with the gamelan for bajidoran, tanjidor, dangdutan.
Symbolic meaning of the show horse Renggong them is the spiritual meaning. Spirit that raised a series of initiation ceremonies (maturation) of a male child circumcised men ¬. Furthermore, the meaning of the interaction between the creatures of God. Horse trainers Renggong awareness in treating his horse, not merely like the pets, but have a tendency to indulge even positioned the horse as a creature of God is spoiled. Universal significance, since the man known animal horse, has been part of human life in various nations in various places in the world. Even the horse made a lot of symbols, strength and masculinity, heroism, and authority
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