White Crater

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At the height Patuha, hidden beauty of the unique old former crater. The smell of sulfur will greet you on arrival at the cliff of the crater, a dish that does not terpisahan when admiring light green crater surrounded by white sand and the ripples of water in the crater-studded thin smoke and the occasional burst of live mud, making it a natural attraction like no other. In addition, water color White crater is always changing when exposed to sunlight.
First revealed in 1837 by a Dutch scientist named Dr.. Franz Wilhelm Junghun, the lake at an altitude of 2194 m above sea level with temperatures around 15-22 degrees Celsius is very charming. Because of its uniqueness, the White crater into a tourist attraction for tourists and foreign tourists, as well as a favorite backdrop for photographers and filmmakers films.
Geologically, White crater formed from the eruption of Mount Patuha activity that occurred in the XII century. Patuha name itself comes from the initial name of this mountain, Mount Sepuh (Sundanese for 'old').

Coordinates: 07 º 10,021 'S, 107 º 24,279' E
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Jl. Gatot Subroto Senayan, Central Jakarta)
Directions: 44 km south of Bandung through Soreang, Ciwidey and Cimanggu
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