Uyeg Sukabumi

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Enjoy well as learn the philosophy behind Uyeg Sukabumi. Arts revitalization results Djatisunda Anis, from theater Uyeg Abah Ita Citepus Sukabumi, this is a very different performances Uyeg with other genres of folk theater. That's because the presence of sacred figures Sanghyang King Uyeg on the stage. Understanding the meaning Sanghyang as honorable epithet (honorific epithet) in the Sunda mythology is the title of someone or something that is considered to have supernatural power that is transcendental and is usually synonymous with the term god in the religion of Hinduism. This figure only appears three times throughout the show and have a respectable position as ruler of the universe Uyeg. Inside Uyeg, King Uyeg Sanghyang figures played by a player, not as a shaman. But with Uyeg old archaic biases, there are still at pre-show, the burning of incense with the reading of Panajem spell (spell binding penononton), and use the settings, the picture of three of the world (imago mundi), namely the upper, middle world, and the underworld. Inside the theater presentation Uyeg presented as entertainment, but still retaining the original theatrical idiom (Uyeg old) with elements of these figures Sanghyang King Uyeg, Peundeung fabrics in black and white, Flower and ronggeng Ronggeng Panyeta, Panajem spells, and the story of three worlds (the world above, the world, and the underworld).
Today, the theater Uyeg almost similar to theater performances in buildings, and functioned as an appreciation of students. The event starts at 20.00 pm-22.00 pm, which is determined because it depends on the length of the short story manuscripts. Anis Jatisunda manuscript written in the form of modern drama, among them conscious and court ditatar Demon Mask.
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