Water Resources Cipanas Garut

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Hot water bath is located on private land where the water comes from the hot springs that come out of the land owned by Mr. Agus hot water bath has been opened to the public since the 1980s. Visitors who come to bathe and was treated normally, because the hot water bath is believed to have efficacy for treating rheumatic diseases and skin diseases in general. Cipanas hot spring bathing pool in the form of an open (outdoor) measuring 98 m2. From the hot spring visitors can enjoy views of the hills. Vehicles that can be used for to this area of private cars and motorcycles. Sources of clean water in this region comes from a spring with crystal clear water quality, fresh taste and smell normal water. So far, tourists who come only from tourists visiting the archipelago like Garut, Cirebon, Jakarta and Bandung.

Location: Village Sukamulya Pakenjeng Garut District
Coordinates: 7 ° 12.952 'S 107 ° 54.842' E
Internet: kabgarut@westjava-indonesia.com
Directions: 3 km of district road, available means of transport mini-bus Index.php Bungbulang majors with a tariff of Rp. 6000, - and OJEG Rp.2000, -
Facilities: Swimming pool, changing rooms, where the rinse
Opening Hours:
More Information: Tourism and Culture Garut regency,

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