Theatre Masres

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Enjoy interesting dish that combines West and East through Masres Theatre. Acculturation of European culture that brought the Portuguese in the 16th century with Indramayu culture turned out to be a kind of play that sweet, that is "Tonil". Western element is reflected in the setting stage, while the music is taken from a local gamelan art.
Interestingly, Masres name taken from a type of finely textured fabric, which is used in every show as a decoration. Once the fabrics are just a plain fabrics are color-coded and named Masres yellow, green Masres, Masres red, and others. In line with changes in the form of the show, plain-shaped decorations of cloth that is now painted decoration, called the display / screen (backdrop). The screen is not only complementary artistic or just sheer spectacle will be but it is a picture of the reality of life that is poured in a visual form (painting) and strengthen the storyline.
The stage play groups are generally sized 8 x 10 meters, with a height of about 1 meter. The roof is made of iron, or bamboo, with a protective tarp. At the rear mounted 8 to 10 screen (the screen) that hangs above the stage. You will see that each color illustrates various atmosphere, such as the interior of the palace, jungle, or the views of the village.
Location: throughout the District Indramayu
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