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Bogor Zoology Museum was founded by Dr. J.C. Koningsberger in August 1894. Bogor Zoological Museum was originally just a small laboratory at the corner of the Bogor Botanical Garden (formerly known as Lands Plantentuin). When it was founded in 1894, was manned laboratory assigned a handful of scientists researching insect pests on plants. But then MZB evolved into a world-class institution.

This museum is a scientific exhibition of various types of fauna Indonesia which has a space of 1,500 m2. The collections in this museum is just a fraction of the scientific collections of animal specimens stored in zoology cibinong located at the Science Centre. Zoological Museum is located at Jalan Ir Juanda city of Bogor located to the left of the main entrance of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.
other than a tourist, this place used as a learning place in which there are fossils of animals endangered or already extinct, including a petrified dinosaur skeletons, 10,000 species of insects that have been preserved, 600 species of reptiles and fish, 650 species of mammals, 1100 species of poultry and 700 other types of invertebrates are certainly already extinct but preserved so that the student community in general and in particular to know the animals in ancient times the relatively large size, too. In essence, this place is very interesting and useful to serve as tourist attractions and also as a means of knowledge.
Museum of 1,500 m2 is a scientific exhibition of the various types of fauna Indonesia. The number of animals on display in this museum which served about 2,000 species in about 75 boxes and 60 vitrine. Museum collections, among others, consist of a variety of animals that are offset in Indonesia, there is also a blue whale skeleton "balanoptera musculus" the biggest in Indonesia.
Location: Bogor Botanical Gardens
Coordinates: 6 ° 36 '14 "S, 106 ° 47' 50" E
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Directions: Jalan Ir Juanda Bogor City, on the left of the main entrance of the Bogor Botanical Gardens
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