SKI Bag Tajur Katulampa

24-11-2011 Bogor City 60947 viewed



Indulge your eyes and shop at SKI Bag Tajur Katulampa. This region has been recognized nationally as one of the icons of industry and marketing leather bag Bogor. Not only that, in the same place there is also a tourist area that much-loved children to adulthood, one of which is SKI Katulampa.
In addition to satisfying your desire to be quality bags, SKI Bag Tajur Katulampa also has a specially designated area as a tourist. Located in a large area and surrounded by palm trees, the place transformed into a garden which is equipped with several types of games, such as Flying Fox, Cart Buggy Off Road and On Road, Water Ball, Bungee Trampoline, Bouncy, Mini Jet Ski, Power Paddler, Paint Ball , and the 3D Cinema.
Compared to shopping bag along Highway Tajur, SKI Katulampa has advantages because the concepts are created not only a shopping area but a tourist area with all the accessories. With come there, all your needs will be met, ranging from shopping, playground, conference hall, tourist sites and the center pocket.
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