Shopping in Bogor City

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In addition to culinary tourism, the city of Bogor is also famous for its factory outlet to its unique boutiques, which provides lifestyle accessories ranging from bags, purses, to shoes.
You can do the shopping fashion along Jl. Pajajaran, as well as shoes and handbags shopping along Jl. Raya Katulampa. There are also many large shopping centers such as the Botanical Square, Bogor Trade Mall, Ekalokasari Plaza, Pangrango Plaza, and Plaza Jambu Dua.
Moreover, precisely in the area Tajur, there are many shopping areas selling various kinds of bags, shoes, and other personal gear. The area is in the last few years begun to develop is always visited by buyers from various circles. On weekends or school holidays, the area is much visited by visitors from Jakarta and surrounding areas. There is also a stopover here after a tour at the Peak.
Various types of bags in various styles and sizes priced fairly cheap, like a bag of school children ranging from Rp 20,000, briefcases ranging from Rp 25,000, reticule ranging from Rp 15,000, - and luggage bags ranging from Rp. 20.000, -. Problem size and model you need not worry, because there are many sizes and models in accordance with the trend. Brand also varied, ranging from non-branded to branded abroad. Tajur bag was already fairly well known, especially for the citizens of Jakarta.
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