Situ Wanayasa

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Imagine yourself standing on the banks of crystal clear water and natural lake with a small island in the middle of the green by pine trees, surrounded by trees and green hills. In Situ Wanayasa covering approximately seven acres of this you can still breathe the cool air, making you more comfortable being here.
To enhance the appeal of this attraction, in 2007 the Tourism Authority of Purwakarta district has made efforts Wanayasa arrangement Situ region, among others, by making the gazebo for a place to rest while enjoying the beautiful panorama visitors Wanayasa Situ. In addition it also made ​​semi-permanent bridge that connects between the side of the lake to a small island located in the middle there, so this small island can be reached by visitors with ease. In addition, there are also several seats that can be used for leisure visitors.
To enhance your recreational experience, there are also some units of water that can be used bicycles to get around to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Location: Village Wanayasa, District Wanayasa
Coordinates: 6 ° 40 '36 "S, 107 ° 33' 19" E
Directions: About 23 km from the city of Purwakarta or 83 km from Bandung.
Facilities: parking, gazebo, water bikes, guest house.
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