Water Source Heat Cikundul

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Boredom and fatigue that you feel from the daily routine will soon be lost when you travel to Hot Springs Cikundul. Besides being able to refresh the body, hot water Cikundul also have the efficacy to cure various diseases.
In addition, you will be enchanted by the mountains around it, as well as Cimandiri River as an attraction in itself. One of the unique source of hot water is Cikundul Cimandiri flow to the River. When it rains, the River Cimandiri keep warm. Nature around Cikundul was quite beautiful to be able to calm the mind while bathing.
Very interesting info for you lovers of rafting is the opening of rafting activities began in 2009, adding to the list of activities to do in this attraction.
Coordinates: 6 ° 58 '40 "S, 106 ° 54' 57" E
Facilities: hot water soak rooms, cottages, swimming pool adult, children's pool, children's playground, and a means of rafting.
Opening Hours:
Close: Open every day
Tickets: $ 6,000 / visitors (including soaking in a pool of hot water). To sema Rp 50 thousand massage rooms, and cottages Rp 150 thousand per day.
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