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Dian Al Mahri mosque was inaugurated on December 31, 2006 to coincide with the implementation of Eid al-Adha prayers in 1427 by its founder Mrs. H Hj Maimun Juriah Dian Al Rashid and Drs H. Maimun Al Rashid. The mosque is also known as the Golden Dome Mosque, in accordance with the trademark gold-plated dome.
This mosque was used with 3 gold material installation techniques: first, gold powder (leaf) attached to the crown / pillars, which are both gold plating on the chandelier, ralling ladder mezzanine, mezzanine railings, calligraphy ornament beads sentence at the top of the ceiling dome and decorative ornament onstage mihrab, the third contained solid gold mosaics in the main dome and the dome of the tower.
This 8000m2 area dengal mosque stands on an area of ​​70 hectares tanag, and is part of the concept of developing an integrated area, named Zone Islamic Center Dian Al-Mahri. The shrine is often referred to as the grandest mosques in Southeast Asia. This mosque can accommodate 15,000 worshipers pray for the implementation and execution of 20,000 worshipers to taklim assemblies.
The main space mosque measuring 45 × 57 meters which can accommodate 8000 worshipers.
The mosque has six minarets shaped hexagon height of 40 meters. Is wrapped into six minarets of gray granite from italy with a circular ornament. At the height of the dome there is a minaret 24-karat gold-plated mosaic.
Refer to the dome of the mosque dome is used mosques Persia and India, and wrapped with 24 karat gold-plated mosaic of materials imported from Italy. On the palate there is a painting of the sky dome whose color can be changed according to the color of the sky at times of prayer. This is possible by using the lighting technology that is programmed with the help of computers.

Golden Dome Mosque area Dian Al Mahri is in its development has emerged as one of the destinations of religious Muslims. This area every weekend and holiday visits not less 50 000 jama `ah. 

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