Plantation Carambola

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Fans of starfruit get his place in the city of Depok. Visit and enjoy the fresh star fruit in this city. Since October 29, 2007, leatherback became one of the icons of Depok City because it is very suited to the soil conditions in the region.
Currently there are about 600 farmers spread over six leatherback district in Depok, with an average land area of ​​between 500 meters to 3 hectares. As information, an area of ​​500 meters can only be planted 16 to 20 trees. Because of the limitations of this land, star fruit development efforts in Depok be not optimal.
You will find that the leatherback from Depok has many keungulan. In addition to sweet taste, the color is also interesting (reddish yellow) and size is quite large. Each fruit weighs between 150 grams-350 grams. Depok Carambola can be harvested three times a year with the result reached 6300 tons per year. Depok is not wrong if already known as starfruit farm center for a long time.
Location: Jl. Raya Sawangan No. 16B, District Pancoran Mas
Coordinates: 6 ° 23 '41 "S, 106 ° 47' 46" E
Phone: (021) 7775451
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More Information: Cooperatives Star Gods (Marketing Center Processed Fruits and leatherback Gods Depok)

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