Hot Water Baths Sangkan hurip

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Remove tired you relax in the bath with hot water is very soothing. Excess hot water here is its iodine content in healthy, normally used by people in the Kuningan District for muscle relaxation activity as a repellent fatigue.
Facilities that you can use here include bathing rooms are closed to the activities of family privacy. In addition there is also a soak in an open area that is often filled by people from surrounding areas or from outside the District Brass.
Location: Village Sangkanhurip, District Cilimus
Coordinates: 6 ° 53 '34 "S, 108 ° 30' 37" E
Directions: 23 miles from City of Brass to the north, or 23 miles from the city of Cirebon to the south.
Amenities: Hotel, restaurants, food stalls, and other public facilities
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