Recreational Park Curug Sidomba

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For you who are adventurous and love waterfalls, tourist attraction located at the foot of Mount Ciremai should not be passed just like that. His name containing the element name of a particular type of animal is removed from endangered animals that used to frequent grazing in this place. It is said that the uniqueness of this is the number of sheep horns that are more than two. Now, in this place no more cattle, but has turned into a beautiful tourist attraction.
Sidomba waterfall waterfall has a height of 3 m. This waterfall is one of the artificial waterfall that flows right in the middle of this area. You will be captivated by the water is quite clear, cold, and fresh, sourced from the springs of Mount Ciremai, as well as various types of fish that live in this water fish such as carp and Kancra Bodas.
It is said that fish Kancra Bodas here can not be arrested, as evidenced when the water is drained, the fish are disappearing not found. In addition, the rules are very important for visitors is not allowed to feed or fish in this area and not allowed to say rude and because it is believed there will be immediate consequences.
The attraction of this region is a grand mosque with a tower Husna Beautiful Names. To get to the tower, you will go through the steps amount to 99 steps, where you will be able to enjoy the expanse of natural beauty at the foot of Mount Ciremai that some territories are still lush with large trees.

Location: Village Peusing, District Jalaksana
Coordinates: 6 ° 53 '28 "S, 108 ° 27' 32" E
Directions: About 30 minutes from City of Brass
Facilities: Restaurant, Saung and children playground, camping ground
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