Sri Mapag Ceremony

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Sri Mapag ceremony is a unique local ritual. The uniqueness that you will find is that the ceremony is upholding the rule of Islam, but the mingling of customs of ancient Sundanese tradition is still very thick felt in every part.
The ceremony is held every August and an expression of gratitude for the success of agriculture obtained. In addition, the ceremony is also held as an effort to maintain relationships and get closer to Allah.
You will see that this ceremony was conducted by parading around the village symbol Dewi Sri, to the accompaniment of various artistic attractions. After that, Wayang Kulit performances are held with the play Sulanjana Purwa (stories about the origin of rice). After the performance show followed by salvation and fighting water from seven springs are believed to society as a cure for all diseases and starting reinforcements - an event that is very interesting for you to follow.
Location: Kampung Leuwi Heat, Sinar Jati Village, District Dawuan
Coordinates: 6 ° 44 '11 "S, 108 ° 12' 55" E
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