Stone pipisan and Gandhik

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Research conducted in the District Wanaradja Institute for Archaeology Team (albino) Bandung aimed disebuah oipisan findings and grinding stones (Jw. Gandhik). Both banda was found in Mr. rumh page. Engkar bin Sugandi, Kampung Sindangsari RT 03/02, Village Cinunuk. Location discovery is a densely populated settlement. Geographically, this region is at coordinates 7 º 10 '40' latitude and 107 º 57 '53' East Longitude. The landscape of the area is a volcanic plain with an altitude of about 700 m. above sea level. River there is a river which is a tributary cisangkan Cimanuk flowing northwest site.

Piipisan stones and grinding stones were found Mr. Engkar when digging the soil for building foundations. According keterangganya, when it was discovered nbatu pipisan with grinding stones apart at a distance of about 50 cm.

Both objects of cultural heritage can be described as follows. Pipisan stone surface is very smooth. In part depn curved shape, while the back is flat. Triangular cross section. At the bottom there are two legs. Stone size, length 31 cm, width 15 cm. overall height of 15 cm. the top 3 cm thick. thickness 3.5 cm forefoot. While the rear of 5 cm. the object is made of coarse sandstone and are coherent.

Cylindrical grinding stone. A surface is also very smooth. Stone size, length 16.5 cm. diameter of 6 cm. materials used daribatu arkose sand. Both of these objects until now kept in Mr. Engkar.

Location: Kampung Sindangsari RT 03/02, Desa Cinunuk, Wanaradja district, Garut Regency.
Coordinates: 7 ° 10 '24 "S, 107 ° 57' 32" E
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