Crater Darajat

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Darajat Crater region has a charm in the form of craters that produce steam heat and landscape scenery of mountains and plantations. Visitors who come to the crater area Darajat can do tourism activities such as trekking, enjoy the views and research into the crater. Darajat Crater region is managed by PT. Amoseas in cooperation with PT. Pertamina, but the status of ownership of land is owned Perhutani. Extent of area Darajat whole crater is about 40 ha with a time of unlimited tours, but there must be permission from the Amoseas because this region is an industrial area and there are still a lot of toxic gas that can come out anytime.
The height average - average crater Darajat this is 1920 meters above sea level, with the general configuration of the land is hilly and berlembah level rather steep slope and soil stability are quite good and sufficient soil absorption. There is also the influence of seasons that occur in this region, namely when the dry steam production declined somewhat.
The crater is Darajat Papandayan mountain ranges that have a kind of active volcanic crater with a number of 2 pieces, but there are a lot of steam wells, amounting to about 24 pieces, which is used by the party as a force Amoseas Steam Power (power plant). Environmental quality of this region can be fairly good, level of cleanliness is maintained and good landscape.

Location: Village District Padaawas Pasirwangi Garut district
Coordinates: 7 ° 13'34 "S 107 ° 43'50" E
Directions: Shuttle commonly used by visitors who come to the crater Darajat this is by using a private car or public transport from Tarogong - Pasirwangi a cost of Rp 3000/orang.
Facilities: parking, a few signposts in the direction of the crater area Darajat in good condition. There are also service the information contained in each guardhouse.
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