Beach Cijayana

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This beach has a total area of ​​approximately 9 ha and has the type of soil material in the form of fine sand with brownish white natural color. Cijayana beach is a beach that has a wide beach with a width of more than 200 m and 2000 m long, and pandanus bidur as the dominant flora at the edge of the beach.
The stability of the beach is good for small abrasinya level, and have a fairly good water conditions, such as the blue color of water with the smell of normal water and normal temperature. Cijayana Coast has an average wave height of 1 m, and wind power and solar radiation is sufficient. condition of the landscape is still not exploited. This was due Cijayana beaches untouched by the wide range of tourist facilities, especially facilities. To enjoy the scenery on the beach this Cijayana, visabilitasnya very free and have low noise levels.
This beach has a small lake at the edge of the beach locations, and activities you can do is enjoy the scenery, photography, fishing, picnicking, sunbathing, walking, and playing on the beach. The pattern of land ownership from the coastal village Cijayana is land devoted to agriculture, the allocation of places for tourism, and still largely in the form of vacant land that has not been managed.

Location: Village Cijayana Mekarmukti Garut District
Coordinates: 7 40 '1 "S, 107 42' 1" E
Facilities: Kiosk food, mosque
Opening Hours:
More Information: Tourism and Culture Garut

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