Cijeruk Indah Beach

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ODTW is managed by the Foundation Kompepar Cijeruk Beautiful, by ownership status by BKSDA and Plantation. Physical environment consists of: the total area of 4700 m2, area of 2157 m2 ODTW the time of the visit for 24 hours. Beautiful Cijeruk region has an average temperature of 27oC per year, annual minimum 17oC, 28oC and maximum temperatures per year, with an average solar irradiation medium, and large wind power.
Water color of this region there are two pieces, the color blue is located on the coast and central coast and there is a brownish green color at the mouth of the meeting. Average wave height below 1m and when the rainy season 2-3m. Flora is the dominant marine seaweed is dominant while the marine fauna of ornamental fish, snails & clams, fish and fish Cangkel Spanish mackerel. abrasion rate is, the stability of stable beach with a seaside flora and Pandan ketapan Bidur.
Tourism activities that can be done generally in the form of boating, fishing and enjoying the scenery.

Location: Village District Sagara Pameungpeuk
Coordinates: 7 39 '57 "S, 107 42' 43" E
Directions: the frequency of public transport from the nearest terminal in the form of non-scheduled bus, city transportation is scheduled from 5 am-5 pm. And vehicle tariffs, namely:
- Public Bus rate Rp. 12000, - / person
- City bus with a tariff of Rp. 10000-15000, - / person
- Garut - Pameungpeuk Rp. 10000, - / person
- Bandung - Pameungpeuk Rp. 15000, - / person
- Angkot rate Rp. 5000 - 6000, - / person
- OJEG rate Rp. 25000, - / person.
Facilities: 13 stalls / general food stalls, parking lots, toilets, health posts raft rentals, mosque
Opening Hours:
More Information: Tourism and Culture Garut


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