Beach Karang Paranje

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Paranje coral coast is one tourist attraction on the coast of Garut district that has not developed into a tourist attraction. This beach has a tourist potential of the natural beauty of the beach with the presence of the cluster of rocks on the beach, so this beach has its own uniqueness and appeal to be developed as a tourist attraction. From coral beaches can also be enjoyed Paranje the exotic atmosphere of the evening to watch the sunset (sunset) is clearly on the edge of the beach. The beach is now managed by the Group's Tourism Drive (Kompepar) and ownership status owned by local communities. New land and land use designated as residential and open land is allocated as an area for tourism by local residents. The area owned by Paranje coral beach is 9 ha with a total area of ​​12-13 ha. In the area there is only a football field and a bridge that connects the mainland to the coastal reefs Paranje, and a natural lake community that is often used to catch fish.
For the beach is the dominant flora that bidur pandan leaves can be used as material for making matting by locals
Tourism activities that can be done at this tourist attraction is to enjoy the beach (sightseeing), fishing, photography, playing on the beach, stroll, and see the sunset (sunset). For activities that have the potential to be developed include: boating, sunbathing, spooning nook, and water sports.

Location: Village Karyasari, Pameungpeuk Subdistrict, Garut regency
Coordinates: 7 40 '42 "S, 107 46' 59" E
Facilities: Toilet mosque and
Opening Hours:
More Information: Tourism and Culture Garut

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