Beach Rancabuaya

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Rancabuaya coast is one tourist attraction that has a natural beach area with an area of ​​10 ha total area of ​​1524 ha, and from the area that has been utilized for the construction of tourist facilities + 2 ha.
Tenure Rancabuaya coastal areas is 70% owned land and the rest is rural land. While the tourism area managers Rancabuaya is Kompepar (tourism movers Group) whose members consist of local communities. This beach has a gentle slope on the seabed, as well as seaweed and green algae as the dominant marine flora. While the dominant marine fauna is tuna and reef fish.
For coastal areas, coastal areas have Rancabuaya material in the form of fine white sand and clean the flat slope of the beach. Beach has a length of 1000-2000 m, with a width of 100-200 m, and the level of a small abrasion. The dominant flora in the coastal coconut trees and trees that ketapan.
There is also a source of clean water from the river water rivers and streams ciharashas Cihideung that have quality crystal clear water, fresh water taste and smell normal water.
Tourism activities you can do is hiking, trekking and sightseeing ..

Location: Village Purbayani Caringin Garut District
Coordinates: 7 31 28 "S, 107 28 40" E
Direction: Distance from Mother Rancabuaya Bandung area is 167 km, distance from Garut city is 105 km, and distance from Caringin District is 30 miles. while the transport that can be used to get to this beach is to use the frequency of scheduled minibus which operates between the hours of 04:30 to 8:00 with a fleet of 3 pieces with Rancabuaya-Garut route. For transportation to the region, may also use non-scheduled public transportation or transportation vehicles to use the village called "paranggong" a pickup.
Facilities: 22 villas owned by the student / I and ITB lecturers, 4 units of lodging, 40 food stalls, parking lots, entrance and ticket booth, 2 extra rinse, 2 shelters, health posts.
Opening Hours:
Tickets: 1000 / person
More Information: Tourism and Culture Garut

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