Cinangneng Village

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Interestingly your visit to this village is the habit and customs of rural communities that are still maintained, such as leather puppet show, traditional dances Sundanese kampung dishes, as well as ceremonies and rituals farming and gardening can be found in full from age to age. In addition, an exotic harmony of life in this village is also the main attraction, which proves that the tradition and modernity can co-exist and are well maintained. In addition to offering the beauty and charm of nature, like mountains, rivers, gardens, and beautiful expanse of rice terraces that having beautiful, flora and fauna, as well as the combination of the natural activities of rural cultural tourism programs are attractive, healthy, and can be followed by everyone , this place is also presenting a variety of activities that are very educational for the family. It can be felt and enjoyed by the bid presented, such as how to plant, maintain and get the results from the various plants that live with nature pesedaan ground.

Coordinates: 6 33 '57 "S, 106 42' 41" E
Directions: 2 hours from Jakarta via toll Jagorawi
Amenities: guest house with air conditioning, bathroom, shower with hot and cold water, as well as of available television, restaurants, tour program Poelang Kampoeng around the village by foot, and other learning like playing Angklung & sing songs Sunda, learn to plant / working / harvesting the rice, water buffalo bathing, playing style of the village children's games, recreation with letters and colors on the hat (hat farmers), rice wrapped lead, making puppets from cassava leaves, learn to dance jaipong and learning to play gamelan, making cookies or cakes bugis putu , Ronda Kampoeng, which is part of the package offered by Travel Kampoeng, ie you will get around the village at night while carrying kentongan and simultaneously treated with other attractive packages
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