Jayanti Beach

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Jayanti beach, newly laid out in the decade of the 1980s and is known as a tourist attraction ten years later, still free from various types of pollution. Interestingly, you'll see the Fish Auction Place (TPI), and fish retail stalls and other kiosks and hawker stalls rice that can provide the fish grilled to order around. Conditions on the sand beach itself awake sea on one side and rocks on the other. Enjoy the crashing ocean waves roll hit the rocks.

Location: Village Cidamar, Cidaun District, southern Cianjur
Coordinates: 7 29 '58 "S, 107 23' 3" E
Direction: + 150 km from Bandung, + 60 km from the city of Cianjur
Facilities: ample parking, community-owned inn, lodging, restaurant
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