Sacred mudhole Darmaloka

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Have you seen the fish god? In this place you'll often see a kind of fish suddenly disappeared and could not be found elsewhere, or also known as the White Kancra fish. The locals named it that because the fish are in the pool (the local language: pond) Darmaloka Hallows. It is said that a former Darmaloka Balong Sacred relic Walisanga in order to spread the religion of Islam hundreds of years ago.
Here you will be able to enjoy green leafy timbuh tropical trees in an area of ​​± 3, with a pond inhabited by hundreds of fish god of ± 700 m². Swimming-pool consists of several parts, namely Balong Ageung, Balong Ward, Balong Beunteur, Bale Kambang, and Water Resources Cibinuang.
In addition, in the attraction there is the tomb of Sheikh Rama also Gusti, who was commissioned by Walisanga to propagate Islam in the District Brass, where you can simultaneously make pilgrimages.
Location: village of Darma, Darma district, Regency Brass
Coordinates: 7 ° 0'2 .7421'' S 108 ° 24'4 .6231'' E
Directions: 13 miles from the City of Brass to the southwest, or within 48 km from the city of Cirebon to the south.
Facilities: mosques, toilets, cafeteria, gift shop, parking lot.
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