Kerta Sindang Beach Turtle Hatching

16-08-2011 Tasikmalaya Regencies 27228 viewed


Sindangkerta beach is gently sloping beach with white sand that has an impressive marine park and is where the turtle habitat (celonyamidas) in hatching eggs. On the beach you can watch the turtle that serves as a counterweight to the existing ecosystem of sea turtles in this area to avoid extinction.
Sindangkerta beach can be used to swim when the sea conditions are receding, while in the sea garden you can find an assortment of ornamental fish in different colors and natural wildlife sanctuary is a rare green sea turtles. Other attractions you can do here is remove the turtle race conducted by the hall as a counterweight ecosystem turtle turtle in this area.
If you are interested in further and want to learn about sea turtles and stay at this beach to see rare turtles hatch their eggs are then buried by the mother turtle on the beach area until later this turtle eggs hatch. It was an educative and entertaining experience.

Location: District Sindangkerta
Koordinate: 7 ° 46.043 'S 108 ° 4.463' E
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Directions: TeKurang over 4 miles of beach Cipatujah
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