Santolo Beach

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One of the beaches in Garut regency frequented by tourists is the beach Santolo. For the people of Bandung, the beach is quite famous and became one tourist destination in Garut regency. The beach is fairly clean, with white sand and a gently sloping beach is perfect for relaxing with family.
For tourists who will surround the beach, boat rentals are available quite cheaply as the right media to feel the waves south coast is quite challenging. Around the beach area is also provided kiosks that provide a variety of souvenirs and crafts community wide variety of fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish.
For those of your family who are planning to visit this beach and stay, accommodation facilities around the coast provided a fairly comfortable and clean place to live. Houses that exist around the coast we can rent a relatively cheap price if we are planning to stay long on the beach with accommodation to streamline spending.

Location: District of Garut Regency Cikelet
Coordinates: 7 39 '40 "S, 107 41' 11" E
Directions: south of Garut city center with a distance of approximately 3.5 hours drive vehicle and is approximately 88 Km.
Facilities: Souvenir Kiosk, Hotel, Homestay
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