Haruman Mountain Paragliding

22-08-2011 Garut Regencies 83106 viewed


For those who are adventurous, daring to challenge nature and able to control emotions and thoughts while beratraksi, paragliding mountain haruman offers a million challenges and exciting attractions for you to test and prove.
Haruman mountain region is a suitable place for kite flying activities, with the corresponding height of the mountain, as well as kite flying facilities available, making this area a paradise for tourists who menggandrungi kite flying activities.
Support the beautiful scenery, background and settlement pesawahan District attractions Kadungora make kite flying done by the tourists will give the impression of its own. On top of this mountain, with paragliding we use, we will see a whole town of Garut and some surrounding areas. Making the kite flying activity has become an unforgettable experience.

Location: Located in District Kadungora, 30 minutes from the city districts, or 1.5 hours from downtown Garut.
Coordinates: 7 8 '13 "S, 107 52' 54" E
Facilities: Paragliding
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