Bandung Zoo

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Bandung Zoo is located adjacent to the campus and the river Cikapundung ITB. The zoo occupies a land area of ​​13.5 ha of undulating topography with the use of 18.25% for area perkandangan, 55.20% for landscaping and Lesbian, 4.7% for the amusement park and the boat pond, and 2.4% for processing garbage. The rest is used for office buildings, museums aquarium, and roads.
You will be able to enjoy the collection of animals that reached about 213 species, comprising 79 species of protected animals and 134 species that are not protected from domestic and foreign. The addition of this collection of animals continue to be pursued, both of which have conservation value and aesthetic value of interest to visitors, particularly from Indonesia.
Plants that grow in the garden area in addition to functioning as a protection for animals from the sun and wind, also protect the soil from rain and into the area that serves as the lungs of the city of Bandung. Really is one of the lungs of Bandung.
Location: Jl. No. Zoo. 6, Castle
Coordinates: 6 ° 53 '37 "S, 107 ° 36' 29" E
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Directions: Can be reached by public transportation majors Kebon Kalapa-Dago, Cicaheum-Dago, Cicaheum-Ciroyom, Panghegar-Dipatiukur, Cisitu-Tegalega, Caringin-Sadangserang, Dago - Caringin.
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Can be reached by public transportation department kalapa Kebon-dago, cicaheum-dago, cicaheum-Ciroyom, Panghegar-Dipatiukur, Cisitu-tegalega, Caringin-sadangserang, dago-Caringin.

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