Village 99 ( village deer )

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When you feel bored with the urban atmosphere, come to the village of 99 trees, or often also called Kampung Deer, shelter for families who travel at the same time raised the concept blend with nature. Here you can hold special events, such as outbound to a child or adult, social gathering, family gathering, birthday, staying at the house of wood, fishing, or just to enjoy the fresh air without being disturbed by noise pollution noise and fumes, as well as eating healthy foods in the restaurant experienced.
99 The name itself originated from a unique story that happened about 30 months ago. It is said that kindergarten students in Jakarta was having outbound tours and introduction to the environment in the village, which will be attended by 100 children. But one person not present, then, tree seedlings planted gmelina only 99 rods. That is the origin of the name. While the name comes from the village of Deer is one of the animals that are kept, ie timorensis deer species. In addition, here also there Etawa goats, cows, buffalo, squirrels, birds, and guinea fowl. Various kinds of trees were there, such as Tree Maja, Trembesi, Teak White, Rengas, Kemang, Rubber, and many other rare trees.
Many environmental activities are educative and entertaining to do in the Village 99. Some activities that include familiar plants, including how to plant trees, harvest rice and vegetables, livestock feed, bathe, water buffaloes, and plow their fields with the farmers. Children also can try traditional and modern to make bread, cook vegetables and side dishes together. Even some outbound games like flying fox, spider web, and the boat on the river can also be done, which can make your vacation with the family the more cheerful.
Location: Jl. KH. Muhasan II, Meruyung Kelurahan, Kecamatan Limo, Depok 16 515 (opposite the Mosque of the Dome of the Mas Dian Al Mahri)
Coordinates: 6 ° 22 '59 "S, 106 ° 46' 6" E
Phone: (021) 93490586, (021) 99955610, (021) 99453886.
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