Boarding Shool Al Zaytun

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Ma'had Al-Zaytun is a breakthrough in the education of local Muslims. Constructed as an Islamic educational institution which is very modern, elite, and classy, Ma'had Al-Zaytun aims to answer the challenges of modernity era, but still rooted in the traditions of a typical boarding refers to basic values ​​of Islam.
To provide quality education services, Ma'had Al-Zaytun recruit qualified scholar-educators in the relevant disciplines from leading universities in Indonesia. In addition, the boarding school is also equipped with educational facilities such as libraries with thousands of titles of books, laboratories, and development centers languages ​​(English, Arabic, German, French, and Mandarin). Infrastructure is also available with full support like dormitories, hospitals, sports fields, recreational parks, and of course the mosques. With these breakthroughs, boarding schools in can be a special attraction for those who want to know better the concept of a traditional boarding school in her modernization.

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