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Ngaleunggeuh can be witnessed in the preparation before the events held, such as circumcision, marriage, or Tingkeban. In art there Ngaleunggeuh Tutunggulan or Ngarempug Nutu (pounding rice together). The difference, in art Tutunggulan, rice is the only Tamba Kadengda (only requirement only), while in art Ngaleunggeuh, rice that is used in ceremonies Tutunggulan, rice in preparation for such salvation.
Before the invitation cards popular and used by all levels of society, Ngaleunggeuh a notification tool to our good neighbors in the village itself and its neighboring villages. Tutunggulan Like in other areas, if there is a Ngaleunggeuh village, then other villages will say also, eventually connecting connecting.
The people when they hear Tutunggulan will understand that in some time (usually one week) there will be a celebration. They prepare materials that will be donated. Two or three Had Had even the celebrations, the materials shipped. Usually the material is already in the form of finished goods such as Opak, Rangginang, Wajit, fruits such as bananas, and even rice. They seldom contribute in terms of money. In places there is a celebration of the committee, each sender is accurately recorded, name, hometown and their post. This meant if the person is holding a celebration will be donated to similar goods, in quantity and shape.
In essence, the same as Tutunggulan Ngaleunggeuh, even waditranya was the same which Dimples and Halu (rice pestle).
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