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Lift is part of the ceremony Nyelamkeun (circumcision) specifically for girls in Garut regency. Usually done on the third day after the rice harvest is completed, early in the morning Dimples and halu been moved from Saung Saung Lisung to Goong, Goong is a place to store Gamelan kabuyutan.
Before Dimples sebelumynya transferred to the local residents worked together to build a building that has to do with the accompaniment of gamelan nyelamkeun ceremony that continues ngageder Kabuyutan Goong (rung). In Saung Goong has been available whiting stored at a place called Cege or Tampekan (where lamareun or whiting). In addition it also provided that contains the Rice Yellow Bokor, namely Pera yellow rice and rice from brown rice, bananas some hoyat (brush), a variety of cookies that are stored on the plate and above nyiru (duplicate), parupuyan (incensation) stored in lisung near the head (upstream lisung).
The Taweu the mother the child to be circumcised, wearing a bun (puncture onde) made from rice. Rice used to take from lisung previously been filled with Saeundeun Pare (bundle of Rice). The conservative line is located on the south of Saung goong, they squatted solemnly, Aki (kokolot) take the offerings and burn incense and then forwarded to the ngarajah. After completion of the battery back and the food available was reversed. Parukuyan the offerings were taken by Serati which then backwards Classified dikelilingkan Bikang (the Taweu) and so was allowed to stand. At that time the villagers came and surrounded the ceremony including the father of the child to be circumcised while carrying the child to be circumcised.
The Taweu do Tutunggulan to the accompaniment of gamelan Goong Buyut wasps, but tutunggulannya several times to stop having to mengelillingi lisung 7 times and eighth Flour Bracelet (moves back again as before).
After the ceremony is completed, the child will be circumcised is brought back to his house to be bathed and dressed in such a way. Clothes are clothes that have previously been tattooed when the ceremony nyembahkeun (Submit) and Nyawer Sri (Rice Goddess), as well as parents and siblings of children who disunatan too dressed up.
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