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Ngalesu contained in Garut district implemented when the Great Harvest is completed and Pare / Paddy in inapkan (the input) to leuit (Granary). Then the local communities have some kind of ceremony nganteur Dewi Padi (Sanghyang Sri).
Some Gedeng Pare (Tie rice) at the bear as Pare Jontrot ago at the input to the Barn. Rice others were abuzz at the input. But from Jontrot Rice is one of them issued again, plus some Gedeng (tie) and brought to Saung Lisung.
In Saung Lisung Kokolot overtime has been waiting for, when the entourage arrived carrying paddy immediately greeted with prayers at the start. Then the rice is on the input to the Lisung. After Kokolot Overtime give permission, then some people Women's Baya village girl and wanted to pound rice scramble earlier. This incident is called Ngalesu, or pound rice first in the capture of leuit (Granary). Rice distributed to the local community.
Subsequent developments, the pound rice together, finally done in by the village girls. They are very skilled and another one not to be outdone. Beside that, when finished or finished pounding Rice Jontrot, usually on the go with the other to pound rice. In addition to their wages or money in the form of rice paddy owners clan. Also the village girls could Gimbal Guyon, Gogonjakan (joking and chatting) with friends sekampungnya.
And when the girl was to pound rice while Gogonjakan this, the youth who had been already targeted and peered from a place quite close but hidden, slowly began to close. On the pretext of going to help, one by one come to Saung Lisung. Finally, the youth gathered together some villages with all his conduct that made the country girl angry but happy. Because indeed it is this fact that in the village waiting for the girls hoping for a mate that he wanted.
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