Bajing Kiring

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The martial arts enthusiasts like you will certainly be interested to learn Squirrel Kiring and its history. Bermull in early 1931, the Association of Pencak Silat is known as the "Panca Wargi". Until in 1945 the college of Pencak Silat is given the trust to train the soldiers of Battalion 317 in area Karawang.
In the era of the 1980s, college was renamed the "Squirrel Kiring" held after the inauguration of the new stewardship of the exact date is February 27, 1982. It is said that according to them, the name Squirrel Kiring aims to seek the blessings of Almighty God that its members have a great soul, berbudiluhur, respectful and obedient to parents and devoted to God Almighty, with the noble motto Elmu Adigung Teu, Sakti Did Teu Kumaki, usic Confident Kersaning divine.
Figure who until now still continue to maintain the existence of martial arts college of art is HM Nurdin Tjetje along with four brothers, namely Abu and Encep Permana, which is still recognized as a great teacher for its members. Pencak Silat art was often performed at events both on a national scale, such as 17 Agustusan ceremony, as well as at weddings or circumcisions, and others. With the number of players between 10 to 40 people, depending on the needs of the event ¬ working on, the show is quite practical for you to invite your special occasions where you want.
Location: District Cikampek
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