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Benjang, a show similar to the motion of Pencak Silat. In the song rincik Beads and Ela-ell movement arose which called Do gong, which encourages each game, two opponents use Halu (rice pestle) in a Iingkaran or arena, which dragged out at state loser. From Dogong develop into Seredan is urging each other, pushing without any tool. Similarly, the rules, which pushed out a circle in the state loses. Motion seredan develop into motion Adu Back, in this movement are in their shoulders ¬ pergunakakn are respectively, did not use hands or any tool. Also called Babagongan adapula, namely motion or Ibingan the players who demonstrated a similar movement Bagong (boar), and the movement or Ibing Dodombaan like sheep horns being fought contest. The rules, both Babagongan, Dogong, Seredan, Adu Backward and Dodombaan, should not be using your hands. However, because of frequent violations, especially the players who pushed. Helping hand, reach out and push. Furthermore, the hand was allowed in the use and created a new game called Parallelogram.
In the process, show Benjang equipped with other arts such as Badudan, Kuda Lumping, Bangbarongan, and Mask Benjang. Art Benjang then extends down to the Village Cisaranten Wetan, Cisaranten Kulon village, Subdistrict Stone Fruit, District Majalaya, and Kecamtan Cicadas, Bandung.
Address: End Sub Berung Bandung District
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