Pencak Cikalong

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Pencak Cikalong were the work R.H. Ibrahim, derivative-9 Dalem Cikundul, Majalaya Cikalong Kulon District. R.H. Ibrahim was born in 1816, Pencak Silatnya expertise obtained from leluhumya.
Pencak Cikalong motion, have a lot of hand gestures at the top with a closed attitude, this has the advantage difficult for the opponent's hand touched. Also knocks and dings very in Important in Pencak Cikalong flow.
It features the following Cikalong Pencak opponent's attack. That is to eliminate the opponent's balance, until the opponent is falling. For example, punch the attacker is not on hold (at Takis) but is followed, so that the weight of power to be increased. Movement of the legs to pick up frequently in modeling when the opponent off guard.
In addition to obedience as an essential condition for the student of Pencak Silat Cikalong in order to try his disciples not live alone there is no difference between each Other significant, and not feel higher than other groups. R.H. Ibrahim also stressed ¬ student-student, that every student should be aware, Pencak Silat was born and flourished in Tatar Sunda is still the one source and one channel from the first.
Address: District Cikalong (with pentebaran in Bandung, Garut, Tasikmalaya, and other areas in Tatar Sunda)
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