Pencak Cimande

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Pencak Cimande popularized and propagated by Mr. Shakir, a local resident. He is a figure that has a lot of Pencak Silat Pencak Silat as well as knowledge about a subject mysticism. That's why the motions of Pencak Silat Mr Shakir popular creations as Pencak Silat Cimande, took home the District Cimande region.
Cimande style is evolving into another area Cianjur, Bandung and Jakarta. It features lies in the power hitting and holding the power, rarely dodge, every attack returned to the attack anyway.
Kick (basic movements Cimande) more simple, many use the hand movements of the footwork and more moves on with an attitude of open arms, which basically use a lot of large and thick hands.
The disciples of the famous R. Wiranegara, Bah Ace, Soleha Bah, Bah Surma, Grandmother H. Somad. In association Mande Muda Bandung Uyuh Suwanda leadership, even as his teacher.
Between the years 1776 - 1813 Cianjur in order by Regent R. Wiratanudatar Aria II, Regent of Cianjur all five of his descendants, or also called Dalem Enoh. During his reign, he knew that Mr. Shakir an expert Pencak Silat. Then the lift Mr. Shakir as Pencak Silat Teachers in Cianjur which doubles as a member of the District of security.
According to the historian Cianjur, in addition to R. Wiranagara there is also a R. Obing Ibrahim and R.H. Ipung Prawirasudildja, who explained that in 1780 Mr. Shakir had been tried Pencak Silatnya finesse by the Chinese of Macao. Contest which took place in Cianjur Regency Square was eventually won by Mr. Shakir. Because Dalem present, Mr. Shakir was given a cash prize of Rp. 10. Besides witnessed by Regent Cianjur, R. Wiratanudatar II aria, also witnessed by R. The herbs are being evacuated to Cianjur. R. Herbal later named R. Kusumadinata and became Regent Sumedang, as written in the book's Prince Komel R. Memed Sastrahadiprawira. Furthermore, Mr. Shakir was taken to move by R. Aria Natanagara to Bogor. There he was appointed guardian of regents.
Pencak Silat deployment Cimande Cianjur only lasted until 1813, and reappeared in 1918 and spread to the southern Cianjur, Garut area even to the South .. After deployment of Pencak Silat Cimande until 1930, Pencak Silat Pencak Silat Syahbandar Cikalong and propagated by the following sons and disciples RH Ibrahim from Cikalong.
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