Pencak Silat

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Pencak Silat in Tatar Sunda been divided into two groups: the group that called Kembang (flower) and a group called Fruit (fruit). In addition there is a stance called, is a series which is the basic principal gerakgerak both groups earlier. So Penca Flowers is a series of several moves into a dance, which consists of various dances in accordance with the pattern of tempo rhythm and energy use. For example the call slap Two, the various dance styles of Disabled which is based on a wasp named slap Two and including the slowest. Dance was slow and graceful movements more visible.

After the slap slap Two known dance Tilu a faster tempo as well as movement, more resolute and strong. Between two and slap slap Tilu there Paleredan dance variety, medium variety is the fastest Padungdung. Usually a variety of Disabled tan always continued on the various Padungdung this as a cover dance.

There is a variety of other wasps that fast tempo but not faster than Padungdung, namely the call Golemong.

In the implementation of Disabled dance performances, each dance may be done by one or more Rampak. There is a dance that without

using a sharp weapon, which is called Empty Hand. There is also a weapon that is in use, such as Knives, Dagger Trisula Branch, Tumbak or Toya. There is a dance that is done together as it is being fought, either with bare hands or weapons. Usually done in accompaniment Padungdung, while the dance was in order earlier.

Disabled dance performances are usually carried on in an evening of art, as one event, or usually at a family event. Like Circumcision, Marriage and others. In Ikul Pakaulan he said. If at any kokolot Circumcision is usually a dance while menjampi Disabled children circumcision with prayer or incantation for circumcision child a speedy recovery. Tan Penca also commonly participated in a procession. They dance while walking.

There is also the fruit of Disabled inappropriate for the Disabled dance performances as a celebration, because the fruit is relying Penca movements for its usefulness in self-defense.

Based on the story where the growth of Disabled as pointed out by the father Atot Rasoma in Bulletin No. KAWIT culture. 5 originated from a fighter named Sakir in Cimande, Cianjur regency.

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