Cibodas Botanical Garden

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Legendary garden was established on 11 April 1852 by Johannes Ellias Teijsmann, a curator at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, with the name of te Bergtuin Tjibodas (Garden Mountains Cibodas). Initially intended as a place of acclimatization plant species of foreign origin that have value and high economic importance, one of which is the tree Quinine (Cinchona calisaya). Then the park has grown to be a part of the Bogor Botanical Gardens with the name of Hall Branch Cibodas Botanical Garden. Starting in 2003, the status of Cibodas Botanical Garden became more independent as a Technical Implementation Unit of the Botanical Gardens Plant Conservation Center Cibodas under the Center for Plant Conservation in the Bogor Botanical Gardens Deputy Biological Sciences Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Until now, Cibodas Botanical Garden - LIPI has 10,792 collections of plants, 700 kinds of bill collection, and herbarium collections 4852. Collection of plants in the Botanical Garden Cibodas - LIPI divided into two collections, the collection in the gardens and collections in the greenhouse. Collection of plants in greenhouses consist of orchids (320 species), Cactus (289 species) and succulent (169 species), but you can also find wild plants in the garden. While the collection of garden plants in 1014 amounted types, including typical and interesting plants, such as the Quinine tree (Cinchona pubescens Vahl) which is a medicinal plant to treat malaria. For you fans of the plant, this attraction on the list a must visit.

Location: foot of Mount Gede, Village Cimacan
Coordinates: 6 44 '30 "S, 107 0' 19" E
Phone: 0263-512233, 511385
Directions: 85 km from Bandung, 23 km from Cianjur
Opening Hours:
More Information: Services and Information Cibodas Botanical Gardens - LIPI Sindang Laya Cianjur, West Java, PO Box 19 SDL


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