Shopping Center of Cihampelas

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Treat yourself and your family or friends in the tourist area of ​​specialty shopping jeans that have been popular among foreign tourists, Cihampelas. Cihampelas popularity of jeans as a commercial area in recent years turned into a region FO. No wonder if any of the long holiday or weekend, residents flocked to Cihampelas Jabodetabek no longer intend to pursue fashion jeans made ​​from good quality and reasonably priced, but the hunt for a variety of apparel exports remaining at number FO there.
Changes in the region Cihampelas indeed drastically in the past decade. If ten years ago Regions Cihampelas only fashion trade places colored jeans, now in addition to hotels and cafes, malls equipped culinary attractions are also popping up in the northern city of Bandung.
Another tourist said, the sensation can be seen from the view Cihampelas jeans fashion has to offer. In addition to varied and the quality is good, price is also affordable. Even among them there are decorations store that deliberately put the cartoon characters such as Superman's world champion and Spiderman. Installation of the figures that no other as an attraction for visitors.
Location: Along the Way Cihampelas
Coordinates: 6 ° 53 '47 "S, 107 ° 36' 14" E
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