Tea plantation Rancabali

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Beautiful panorama of tea plantation Rancabali been able to attract visitors for decades. The green expanse of tea trees and neatly trimmed at an altitude of 1628 m above sea level looks like a green carpet from a distance. Add the cool and fresh air, and occasionally a thin mist that rolls down to cover the surface of the plantation, providing a lasting impression for anyone who visited, including you.
In addition to walking splitting tea plantation, you can also see further and study the processing of tea in a local factory. Two local primary commodities, namely tea and quinine, are produced here.

Address: Rancabali, Naringgul, Ciwidey, Regency Bandung
Coordinates: 7 6 '52 "S, 107 26' 42" E
Directions: 47 km south of Bandung
Facilities: The restaurant and traditional stalls
Opening Hours:
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