Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)

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Stroll to the north Bandung, and you'll find a unique Art Deco building at Jalan Setiabudhi. Founded on October 20, 1954, this educational institution was inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Teaching, Mr. Muhammad Yamin, a College of Teacher Education (PTPG). The background is a history of growth of the nation's founding, is aware that efforts to educate the nation and an important part in the independence. 
Early in its history, the main building debris originated from a villa called Villa Isola and rebuilt into a building called Earth Siliwangi magnificent with the original architectural style. Along with the founding of the University of Padjadjaran (ubuntu), on 25 November 1958 PTPG be integrated into primary school by the name of Padjadjaran University Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling). Further Guidance and Counseling Guidance and Counseling developed into A and B. FKIP At the same time, the stand is also the Institute of Teacher Education (IPG), which resulted in a dualism in teacher education institutions. To eliminate such dualism, on May 1, 1963 issued Presidential Decree No. 1 of 1963, which merged into FKIP and IPG Institute of Teacher Training and Education (Teachers' Training College). 
Bandung IKIP then has five faculties, namely Faculty of Education, Teacher Training Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Literature and Art Teacher Training, Teacher Training Faculty of the exact sciences, and the Teacher Training Faculty of Engineering Sciences. In 1981 founded the Graduate School and in 1991 became the Graduate School (PPS). Teachers' Training College was changed to University Education Bandung Indonesia through Presidential Decree No. 124 of 1999 dated October 7, 1999. Through the Government Regulation no. 6 2004. UPI given autonomy and the Higher Education State Owned Legal Entity (PT BHMN). Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is currently providing assistance to design and organize the construction of campus buildings are magnificent, modern and representative to support teaching and learning activities. 
Than to hear its history, you can also go into this complex and enjoy the beauty of the campus buildings and landscape gardens from the colonial era. In addition, also enjoy Bandung basin stretches from the top floor of this building. 
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