Darma reservoir

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Once in the days of yore, the dam consists of six villages are submerged, the Village Darma, Crater Manuk, Cipasung, Parung, Sakerta West, and East Sakerta. You will be stunned by the scenery in this area is very beautiful and supported by the weather was cool - would make a great as a family recreation area on holidays or other leisure moments.
Some other tourist attraction you should not miss when visiting this area include the attraction of traditional art Saptonan, traditional archery competitions, raft races and traditional boats, Goong Renteng, Gembyungan, and Rudat. These attractions can not be seen every weekend or holidays in general, because these activities are routine agenda of the annual tourist activities in the district of Kuningan. Therefore, take your time for a few days so you can really explore and interpret the attractions on offer in the region.

Location: District of Darma, 12 km from City of Brass to the Southwest, or 37 miles from the city of Cirebon.
Coordinates: 7 ° 0 '26 "S, 108 ° 24' 50" E
Opening Hours:
More Information: Brass Tourism & Culture Regional Office, Jl. Raya Cilowa No. 40 A Kramatmulya, Kuningan Tel. +62-232-871378, E-mail: kabkuningan@westjava-indonesia.com

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