Madasari Beach

01-12-2015 Pangandaran District 27261 viewed


Madasari coast presents a very beautiful natural scenery decorated with small islands of green plains combined with Masawah Village.
In addition, you will also be dazzled by the beauty of a combination of sea and coral with large waves that seemed to invite you to unwind and forget all the usual routines of everyday.
Here too Andfa can stroll exploring the many wooded areas with trails that connect between the attraction of this beach Batu Karas.

Location: Village Masawah, District Cimerak
Coordinates: 7 46 '35 "S, 108 30' 2" E
Phone: 0265 771421
Directions: 39 km from Pangandaran westwards
Opening Hours:
More Information: Department of Culture and Tourism Ciamis District, Jl. Mr. Iwa Kusumasumantri No. 14, Ciamis 46 213


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