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Forest tourism Remis lake located at the foot of the mountain to be exact kampong Ciremai Kaduela District Mandirancan Kuningan district adjacent to the Mandala Hamlet Puntang Cirebon District Resources District.
Forest tourism Remis Telaga mother Kuningan regency town is approximately 37 km, with a total area of ​​approximately Iebih 13 H. While the vast lake 3.25 H, which is managed by the Forestry District Housing Brass. Having a sense of history itself is quite impressive, if we constantly scour the time of war kingdoms 16 th century.

According Once the satori (60 years), the estimated forest Remis Travel Ponds in the 18th century. Sultanate of Cirebon moved kedaerah Argasunyah, there Sindangkempeng area and there is also a village stricken Cinara and Mantangaji, as anxious to hear the battle between the brothers is in Punjab with the Sultan Agung / Sultan Haji Sultan against his brother were named Puragabaya.

Sultan Haji assisted by VOC led ofeh General Piatel Boat, Boat Piatel died while replaced by Viter Yunghun disease.
That is the anxiety of the Sultan in Cirebon. Sultan who ruled in Cirebon at the time was Sultan Giri Laya inhabited the Matangaji. Sultan is mempunyal a beautiful girl child as an angel coming down from heaven, named Ratna Pandan Yellow.

Ratna Pandan Yellow is the only daughter of the Sultan Giri Laya many who apply, so the Sultan Giri Laya into confusion, but as a potential favorite is the Eagle
Drajat Son of Banjar Melati the shield first, was so confused Sultan Giri Laya hold trial of war contest, led by the Commander of the Prince Selingsingan Cirebon. Anyone who can beat the Eagles Drajat, will be the law of Sultan Giri Laya or Dalem Cirebon.

At the time of the Sultan and his family based in Cirebon Matangaji, known as Sutan Until Matangaji, the Sultan Matangaji Region covers an area of ​​Kuningan district, Majalengka and Indramayu District.

Sultan Matangaji each year to pay tribute to the Sultan, Sultan Agung of Mataram named instance of Amangkurat II, descendant of the mas jolang a descendant of Sultan or Sultan Sutawijaya Display Jaka Tingkir at times.

Blog contest is raging wars get Pakemitan Gedong Silarandenog in Cirebon. Kemit or caretaker Pakandangan Ki Gede is the name of the child Wirasuta Wirapramoda, while Wirapramoda Wilalodra son are well known as the son of Kali Cimanuk. At that time Wirasuta leaving for Interpreter Lock in Cirebon, to replace his son who was aged 20 years named Eagle Suta Jaya, accompanied by the village chief pawongan Ki Bango by her father's will was given an heirloom kris called Keris Sekober. Then Suta Wijaya headed Cirebon accompanied pawongan Lurah Ki Bango,

After arriving at the palace Cirebon lonely people see circumstances it is not forwarded. The journey continues to clear jungle, forest Ghoib Ciliwung. Ward Ki Bango speak the language typical of Cirebon "NEMBE WAE NGEBA NING ALAS IKI" (newly cleared forest). Then the area was named Wanasaba Lor village and Wanasaba Kidul, soon comes the big tiger, so there are exciting fights. The tiger was stabbed to death with a dagger and a former death Sekober tiger named Sinembik area.

Having cleared forests comes the Demon Queen Ratna Sari Gendra and transformed a beautiful woman. Once upon a time there was a marriage between the Demon Queen Ratna Sari with Eagle Sutajaya Gendra. Eagle Sutajaya given aji-aji or science immunity named Upar, then known as Eagle Sutajaya Sutajaya Upas. Hasiatnya spell upar charter Sutajaya Eagles sweat when it dries it will be toxic. Anyone affected by sweat Sutajaya Eagles will be the victim's death.

In the course of meeting with Rajo Eagle Sutajaya Majo complete with soldiers. Rajo Majo intends to examine Eagles Sutajaya but there is misunderstanding, then there was a battle. Sutajaya eagles spend a lot of sweat, so no doubt the soldiers became casualties King Majo Majo Rajo finally surrendered.

Sutajaya hawk proceeded to the Sultan Matangaji being consulted with his daughter, after the Eagles were Sutajaya Matangaji met Princess Princess Ratna Pandan Matangaji namely Yellow, Princess Matangaji was attracted by his good looks and politeness Eagle Sutajaya.

After conversing with the Sultan Matangaji, Eagle Sutajaya noted its intention to charge kemit or caretaker in Gedong Silaradenok brought by Prince Selingsingan, sepeniggalnya Eagle Sutajaya Matangaji daughter crying and screaming incessantly. Sultan Matangaji understand the intent is to love her Eiang Sutajaya.

After the Maghrib prayer Sutajaya Eagles entered Gedong Silaradenok from evening until morning while meditating. Midnight munculah a big War Eagle Sutajaya will swallow. But remember that the Eagles Sutajaya bring Sekober dagger and snake ditusuknya with kris, but there was a magic snake transformed into a dagger named Kris Naga Runcing.

Prince Selingsingan morning came, carrying out beds / coffins for transporting the bodies of the original eagle Sutajaya would be killed by the snake before. But Prince selingsingan be surprised because Suyajaya Eagles still alive. Sutajaya telling the eagle to the prince Selingsingan night. Prince Selingsingan next examined the ternyaa spiky dragon dagger diujungnya broken bberapa inches, then all the Kris was brought to Matangaji.

After the Eagles came back to Matangaji Sutajaya Princess Ratna Pandan sngat yellow happy and berterusterang her father to agree to marry Sutajaya Eagle. Sultan Matangaji not mind the condition can beat the Eagles Sutajaya Banjar soldiers led by Eagle Bed Drajat. Eagles Sutajaya spontaneous menyanggupinya until there was the fight between the eagle Sutajaya dengab soldiers Melati row. Community Cirebon forbidden to see this fight. Place the battle / war tersbut area known as prohibition, which is now the village of ban.

Quick as a flash the men Banjar Bed disupatahi by Eagle Sutajaya, so hundreds of troops to train jasmine plants. Up to now still be proven riverbank times Drajat like Ngirab used on each day of the month Sapar wekasan Rebo, for people who believe in the barokahnya. Nirab intention to rid itself of the mistakes themselves.

Sultan Matangaji because it has a handsome son intends to cancel tribute to the magic kingdom of Mataram, while Prince Purbaya intends to charge tribute to cirebon. At the foot of the mountain to meet with the party prince slamet selingsingan. An exciting battle ensued and memekan considerable time. In battle the prince Purbaya use the dagger prince Selingsingan Mongklang while using the dagger Bujul. Pngeran Selingsingan pressed and he hid in the village of Kd edung Eneng South next Losari.
The battle reached the village Pabedilan, then retreated to the prince Selingsingan west to the village of Astana Japura Kanci Cirebon district. Prince Purabaya waru up the tree to find the hiding place of Prince Selingsingan finally called Waru Duwur / Kanci. The war retreated to Geraksan and Prince Selingsingan incoming mud fell on the river bank. The area is known by the name Cibelok.

Prince Selingsingan state increasingly losing to West and somewhere prince Selingsingan starvation (soothers) and appeared Pongpongan village. War raged up to the darn crack prince selingsingan blindly cave to hide, but the prince Purabaya know the tricks of the prince Selingsingan the soil around it was trampled to make a sound like a hole in it.

Unceasing warfare, the Sultan Matangaji call mantunya Sutajaya Upas to help quell the Prince Purabaya war. In his work the Eagles Sutajaya heading east through the area Kanci majors. In this village eagle Sutajaya sorabi met with the sellers and buy them. Pancake was half eaten by hawks Sutajaya and Nyai Mas Martapada. Because of his power Nyi Mas Martapada melhirkan pregnant and a baby boy named Raja Muhammad Eagles. As adults placed into ravine Luwung mundu. His expertise a blacksmith to make the dagger / Gaman berhasiat.

In the course of looking for traces of the Prince Eagles sutajaya selingsingan towards Karangsuwung, waled, Pabuaran, tersana, Babakan, gebang Udik, gebang Ilir, and Luragung. In Gebang Ilir Eagle Sutajaya known as Sultan Gebang and the village Sutajaya Eagles have named old-fashioned breeds Sutajaya point.

Sutajaya eagle in search of traces of the Prince selingsingan until dei rural hamlet district Puntang sources. Given the fierce and ongoing war between Prince Purabaya exciting and Pageran Selingsingan. Prince selingsingan Cikalahang retreat continued to the village, village to village mandala Kaduela Mandirancan Sub District Brass. I was so sad to cry because Prince Selangsingan endless wars. Her tears fell to the ground until there was a pool that is located next to the lake Nilam Remis.

Akhirnay Eagle Sutajaya met with Prince Purabaya ago ditusuknya premises dagger, until his body into two. Pengeran Purabaya said "yes eagle Sutajaya help me to be forgiven, do not kill me because I was a human being who was a Muslim" Sutajaya eagle answered "you are not a good man, a few years you are at war with the prince Selingsingan while you humans are understood as social beings be respectful respect, mutual help and help assist. That is the meaning of human life, not to kill each other.
Sutajaya eagles continue petuahnya that as Muslims are obliged to pray. Then the Eagles sutajaya mandates as Muslims we must maintain our books Allah revealed as 104 books, of which the last book is the Koran the archangel Gabriel revealed through the Prophet Muhammad.

Do you know Purabaya prince, the Messenger of the struggle for 22 years and 2 months 22 days with full kesbaran trust, even always pray that humanity are not mutually antagonistic. It would be nice to take the path of peace in order to prosper. As people eragama may not create chaos and evil in their society and state.

When finished listening to advice Eagles Sutajaya Prince Selingsingan no crying incessantly from tears to a swimming lake menjelmalah Remis. Likewise Purabaya Prince Prince Purabaya crying and eventually transformed into a Bulus or turtle. Bulus was named The Chance Purbaya. Shape struck or turtle it has another form of the other. That bald head shape was petong-petong Such traits Bulus Demon. That glimpse of Once Upon A Forest Tourism attractions Talaga Remis. Until now between Prince selingsingan with Prince Purbaya not be separated. Only now with the east side has become the land and pine forests.

source: Disparbud Kab. Kuningan

Location: Village Kaduela, District Pasawahan
Coordinates: 6° 47' 21" S,  108° 24' 58" E
Directions: 37 miles from City of Brass to the District Cilimus
Amenities: Boat motors, water bikes, Saung resting, praying, toilets, cafeteria, souvenir shop, parking lot
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