Pondok Bali Beach

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Listen to Pondok Bali legend is quite interesting. Starting from the spread of Islam by the trustees in the Subang area, where it became the place where the mayor lives and conduct deliberations. The name comes from the Balinese Pondok Pondok word which means home or place of residence, while Bali is derived from the mayor who turned the letter was originally a "B". You will see a well in this place created by the Guardians to berwudlu. Interestingly, fresh water wells are in areas that are usually brackish.

In addition to the legend, you can enjoy the beauty and richness of this area with fishing and swimming. The atmosphere of a deserted beach and away from the crowds of people who visit makes this beach a perfect place for those who want to reflect and ponder.
Location: Village Mayangan, District Pamanukan
Koordinates: 6°13'30" S,107°45'7" E
Phone:             (0260) 421111      
Email: -
Internet: -
Directions: From the city of Subang about 50 km to the north, from the city Jakarta + 153 km towards east
Facilities: -
Opening hours: -
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Tickets: -
More Information: Department of Culture and Tourism of Subang Regency, Jl. Ade irma Suryani no. 2, Subang


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